UAE Desert Safari - Favorite Adventure of Dune Bashing

UAE desert safari is known to be among the most popular excursions as it is an amazing blend of ancient Arabic customs and modern culture and infrastructure. Also known as Dune Bashing, this is one form of off-loading where vehicles off the road are utilized to travel through Sand dunes. In UAE the evening desert safari dubai has become an increasingly popular tourist attraction. In most of the desert safaris, there is an assortment of sights of the stunning sunset in the desert along with sumptuous Arabic food. In addition to all that excursions on camel back and painting of traditional henna designs on the hands of guests, belly dancing in the oriental style is included in this desert safari experience. The splendor of the desert is now able to be enjoyed as a half day or full day safaris.

Abu Dhabi has a natural gain in comparison to its UAE counterparts because of its position on the islands. It is due to this the reason Abu Dhabi is the capital rather than the glitzy Dubai. Located on the coastline of the Arabian Sea, this city also has numerous exotic beaches that have yet to be discovered. A huge influx of tourists can be seen in this city throughout the year and there's no shortage of accommodation to provide them comfortable lodging and boarding options. There are also a number of cheap accommodations in Abu Dhabi that cater to the requirements of those with a limited budget, however do not want to compromise on the basic facilities. There are numerous family-friendly hotels that provide impeccable services and receive a lot of praise to prove it.

When in Abu Dhabi, do not overlook Abu Dhabi's UAE desert safari that is unique in the whole world. The tour typically begins with a roller coaster in powerful 4*4 machines on the treacherous sand dunes. The more driver is able to climb an impressive mountain of sand quickly and with confidence. As soon as he reaches the peak, he speeds up the car and takes a the sharp turn when coming down. Camel rides are a great attraction in this desert adventure. They are thrilling and cover a range of terrains from mountains to deserts and bring visitors to remote goat and camel farms as well as in addition, to villages that are isolated. An option of sand-skiing is also available in few desert safaris. This uncommon sport is offered on request or as part of a half day as well as full day desert safari.

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