Exciting Adventure to Look Out for in the UAE

The trip to Dubai as well as Abu Dhabi in UAE means much in many ways. When it comes to thrill and excitement, you'll be able to take part in lots of things to do in the cities. There are many tourist's destinations that are packed with large crowds, especially during peak season of holidays during the spring and winter.

The best luxury desert safari dubai in the morning is the most preferred option for many to enjoy the camel ride, sand boarding and dune bashing in the beautiful deserts of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Desert safaris are truly an unforgettable experience, and you will be attracted by the golden sands that surround the oasis. Diverse tour operators are able to cater for the safari trips and provide diverse options to fit your budget.

For those who do not have the time to stay up late A desert safari is the most exciting option for you. It begins at 9 am at which time the Desert Safari Company will pick off from the hotel and drive you towards the private desert safari dubai to begin the adventure. Besides the car ride on the sand dunes that roll in a sweeping fashion There is also an opportunity to ride a camel and can be photographed wearing the traditional dress.

A variety of live performances of music and dance can be enjoyed that are performed by professional artists while you sip tea or coffee. If your daughter or wife likes henna art you can have it done by them as well. Then, there is the famous 'Tandoori' show as well as the belly dance which is unique and colorful. Additionally, puppet shows and folk dancing are arranged that you can get entertained by as well.

Other options

You can choose to enjoy a drink for an extra cost at the bar. Then, if you feel like eating, you either buy a vegetarian or non-vegetarian food with barbecue. There's a huge supply of cold drinks and water. If you want to have more fun, you can pay to take quad biking or take a sand board too.

Tips to make your desert safari enjoyable and safe

1. For four wheel drive, always opt for a four by four vehicle that is fitted with essential features and safety systems.

2. Experienced Driver: do check for the experience of the driver who drives your car. To ensure that you don't lose yourself in the desert and comfortable with all features and destinations in the journey.

3. Communication: It is important to stay contact with the driver, and other drivers too, via phone.

The desert safari in the morning typically takes two hours with a tour package to the desert. A typical trip requires at least 3 people. The seats cannot be pre-located on the vehicle , and as such they are placed on a first come first served basis.

It is worth noting that back pain sufferers pregnant women, seniors, and people with heart problems are not advised to take The Desert Safari Tour. Children under 3 years old can't be taken on the same tour.

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