5 Carpet Problems, Which May Need Professional Attention

5 Carpet Problems, Which May Need Professional Attention

A clean and colourful carpet can add life to your room. The comfortable feeling of furry carpet under your feet and its colour add a personal touch to the aesthetic of your house. They have been used as decorative pieces since ancient times and are still popular. However, carpets tend to gather dust over time so it's a must to keep them clean. So, in this blog, you'll know about 5 carpet problems, which may need professional attention.

How Long Has It Been Since You Last Cleaned Your Carpet?

Carpets are used by us the most in our household. They gaster dust faster than any furniture due to more exposure. They're prone to getting stains and odour. It is necessary to get your carpet cleaned once in a while otherwise it will be a reason for embarrassment when you have guests over. Dirty carpets also leave a bad impression on a company or a hotel. It shows tardiness and is also unhygienic. They attract oily residue daily, and because of this, the dirt in the air gets stuck to them. It's also home to thousands of bacteria that may cause damage to your health.

Types Of Carpet

Carpets come in different sizes, materials, colours, patterns, and textures. It all depends upon your requirement. Hence you should choose your carpet carefully. For example, if you buy a light-shade carpet it will get dirty faster and will look shabby. On the other hand, if you buy a carpet with a darker shade then it might not go well with the walls of a darker shade. Buying a thick carpet might look good with the walls of your living room but it is as hard to clean it. For buying a new carpet you should look into every pro and con. So think well before buying a new carpet and buy it according to your convenience. 

Most-Common 5 Carpet Problems, Which May Need Professional Attention

  1. Spills and Stains: The kids playing around with toys or spilling food or drink over it is one of the biggest 5 carpet cleaning problems. Untrained pets might urinate on your carpet which will stain and smell a lot left untreated. There are various DIY techniques to remove stains and odours from your carpet but it depends on the kind of stain you have. Calling for a carpet cleaning professional is a smarter option here so they can choose the method of cleaning by judging and examining the stain.
  2. Wear and Tear: Thin carpets wear out in a few years especially when you have a toddler or a pet. There are thousands of reasons for your carpet to tear up. One solution to this problem is to buy a new carpet. But if the tear is small then you could call for a professional to fix it up.
  3. Furniture Marks: While relocating your furniture you might notice depression on the carpet where the furniture was placed. This can be because of the weight of the furniture or you could've placed the furniture over a damp carpet. To avoid this you should invest in pads that are placed below the leg of the furniture to prevent the formation of depression on the carpet.
  4. Shrinking: Even when you take care of your carpet and wash it from time to time it can still get dirty. You ask why? Well, as mentioned before carpets come in different materials. There's a possibility that your carpet is sensitive to being washed by water. You should always check the manufacturer's instructions before cleaning it. If it is sensitive to water and is shrinkable then clean it using a vacuum or call a professional for help.
  5. Not calling a carpet cleaning professional: Saving money by cleaning your carpet might sound like a good idea but it's harmful to your carpet. Calling in a professional will be beneficial as:
  1. Experts know the right technique for the said problem
  2. They have profound knowledge of carpet cleaning problems
  3. Professionals have the right types of cleaning equipment

Additional Pieces of Carpet Cleaning Advice By Experts

  1. Do not scrub a stain, it will cause the stain to spread more.
  2. If you live in humid conditions then you have to be extra aware as the bottom of your carpet is more likely to get mould.
  3. Some products can be harsh to your carpet so read the warning tag before cleaning it.
  4. Try not to wear dirty shoes or slippers on your carpet, especially if it's in a lighter shade.


We hope these 5 carpet problems, which may need professional attention, have given you some insight into carpet cleaning's importance. Other than these problems you can also face several other problems, so it is best to contact an expert in this situation. Professionals will guide you and help you out if you're having any queries about carpet cleaning.

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