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Essican Purelife UK offers a full range of 100% natural oils. We specialise in CBD oil UK processed in our own facility for assured quality and fast delivery to your door. Our CBD oil range is complemented by a full range of massage oils, carrier oils, essential oils and fragrance oils. Discover natural essential oils, and carrier oils, valued since ancient times, plus an extensive range of fragrance oils for creative hobbies such as oils for candle making, soap making, and cosmetics as well as for use in oil burners and with scent sticks as delightful home fragrances. Our fragrance oils include scents that are reminiscent of famous fragrances so you can enjoy their familiar aroma throughout your personal spaces.

Our alcohol hand sanitiser in handy-to-carry 30ml bottles is available in a four bottle pack. With 80% alcohol content (99.99% pure) it is effective against viruses as well as bacteria.

Our new look

Everyone benefits from a makeover from time to time. To prevent any confusion with an unrelated brand, Purelife UK is updating its graphics and company name to Essican Purelife.

Nothing is changing about our high quality CBD oil and natural oils products. The same great team will be looking after your orders and we are moving to a state-of-the-art facility in Dover where we will have more space to develop exciting new products to support your healthy lifestyle. Our rebrand starts with our brand new flavoured vapes range. We are looking forward to introducing the Essican Purelife styling across our entire range very soon. The products? They remain the same high strength, value for money ranges you know and love.


 Essican Purelife’s Full spectrum CBD oil range

Essican Purelife offers an extensive range of CBD oil products. Whether you want to buy Raw Extract CBD Vape juice, or bottled oil-suspended CBD we stock a wide choice of high quality CBD oil options. Choose from full-spectrum-organic-cbd-oil in Virgin Hemp oil – our high strength CBD oil option or boosted CBD in MTC. THC free CBD in Virgin Hemp oil and THC free CBD in MTC oil offer a guaranteed THC-free oil.

For best value CBD you can choose Raw Extract CBD in Virgin Hemp containing organic CBD extract in its most natural state or alternatively Raw Extract CBD in MTC – great for every-day use or people who are new to CBD and want to try a less concentrated version. Raw CBD Whole Plant Extract Paste contains all of the plant materials from the hemp plant. Full Spectrum CBD Capsules and CBD Gummies are handy for CBD on the go. CBD Isolate is a 99.99% pure CBD powder soluble in both water and oil based carriers. CBD balm and massage oil are applied directly to the skin for surface skin issues and to be absorbed. You can choose one option or mix and match products to give you a range of ways to use CBD throughout the day.  Find out more on our CBD products page and on the individual product pages.

Guaranteed Quality

Carefully sourced from around the world, then blended and bottled in our UK facilities, we are able to ensure the exceptional quality of the oils we supply to the UK and Europe. We are one of the market leaders in the UK for full spectrum Supercritical CO2 extracted CBD oil and are delighted with the feedback we receive from our customers for our organic cannabidiol oil. Many years of direct dispatch experience allows efficient delivery from UK stock direct to your door.

Great Value

Take advantage of our limited time special offer! When you order two identical bottled CBD oils we will send you a third bottle free with your order.

New Clearer Labels

Customers who use several CBD products in combination asked for more easily recognisable bottles for our different CBD options. Our new plain coloured CBD Oil bottle labels make it easier to pick up the right option for a busy day or to help you relax.


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