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Here at £1 Vape, we are all about helping people to discover the many benefits of e-cigarettes. That includes when those people may have long smoked traditional tobacco cigarettes, which the now-dissolved Public Health England (PHE) estimated may be about 95% more harmful than vaping.

But what about when your workplace puts stringent restrictions on vaping, or even expects vapers to share a space with smokers? These matters were touched upon by a recent study reported by the WalesOnline website, and the results were illuminating - and in some cases, worrying.

What did the research into vaping at work discover?

The study reportedly found that a fifth of people using e-cigarettes to aid their efforts to kick their tobacco habit were at risk of returning to e-cigarettes if vaping restrictions in their workplace were tightened. 2,000 vapers were polled for the research.

Not everything that was discovered from this survey was concerning; there was also evidence of how instrumental vapers can be in convincing their smoking colleagues to switch to vaping. 45% of women polled said they had introduced a colleague to e-cigarettes, along with 52% of men.

As for the notion of shared spaces for tobacco smokers and e-cigarette users, this is particularly worrisome given that according to PHE, such arrangements risk undermining vapers' ability to permanently quit smoking. Heightening the likelihood of vapers going back to smoking is not in the best interests of public health, and is therefore surely not in employers' interests, either.

And yet, about three quarters (75%) of vapers are not permitted to vape at work unless in a dedicated smoking area.

WalesOnline did, however, report that some industries took a more relaxed approach to vaping than others. 56% of construction workers, for instance, are apparently allowed to vape freely, as well as 32% of transportation workers. But the equivalent percentage for people working in office-based roles in finance, banking and insurance is just 11%.

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